Work ends Friday night, so I have time during weekends. As new to the place I have lots of places to visit and thinking, Why not goes to the Lourdes grotto? Perfect! I need to see the famous grotto of Baguio City. In the down town, I ask one vendor in the Baguio City Public Market where I can take a ride going to the Lourdes grotto, and she responded that I have to go through the back of the market and there’s a terminal there going to Dominican Hill Road.  After few minutes of walking, finally saw the terminal. From there, the fare is 8.00 pesos or if you like you can take a cab and spend like 60-70 pesos. It will only take 10-15 minutes ride.

The Lady of Lourdes Grotto

In the western part of the city, along Dominican Hill Road, there you will see another Catholic shrine and a place where you can meditate and one of the favorite pilgrimage sites during the Holy Week. This place was constructed to commemorate the numerous visions of Virgin Mary. Compare to the lengthy stairs of Baguio Cathedral along Session Road; it has 252 steps going up to the grotto of the Lady of Lourdes. From the lower stairs, there are vendors selling candles and flowers for the offering to the Lady of Lourdes.

I’m telling you, going up is really hard and it’s a no joke if you do it by climbing. So, what I did is to stop every time I need and catch my breath. However, you can access the grotto by driving with a car through a steep, narrow and winding road. Believers usually go up to the Lourdes grotto to light up a candle in the altar and pray, asking for their personal petition for the Lady of Lourdes. It was said that whoever who ask her, she answer all the prayers.

I try my luck and pray in the altar as soon as I reach it. Afterwards, I made time to roam around and saw the big statue of Jesus. The overlooking view from the top is very impressive.

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