Baguio City is considered as a University Town, thanks to a number of excellent universities found across this modern city. The fact that almost half of its population is comprised of students gave it this distinction. The presence of 8 major universities and colleges makes the city as the entire North Luzon’s center of education.

Major Institutes of Higher Learning

Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

The PMA is the national training school for military officers who will serve the various wings of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The school is also a major attraction, giving tourists a glimpse of what our future officers have to undergo to earn their place among the country’s elite forces. It was established in 1898 but only moved to Baguio City in 1908.

University of the Philippines Baguio (U.P. Baguio)

Established in 1961, UP Baguio is renowned worldwide for ethnic and multidisciplinary research and Cordillera Studies. It is part of the UP family, the national university of the Philippines. It is a public research university and among the fastest growing constituent universities of the UP system.

Baguio Central University

Established in 1945, this university began as the Lyceum of Baguio offering vocational courses to students. Today, it is home to 9 Collegiate Divisions and offers scholarships to financially challenged students.

University of the Cordilleras

The university was established in 1946 as the first higher learning institution. This school is also credited for providing inspiration for what Baguio City is now: the center of higher education in North Luzon. It was founded as Baguio Colleges.

University of Baguio

Founded in 1948 as Baguio Tech with only just 5 course offerings, this university has grown to include a Grade School, Preparatory High School, Science High School, 21 undergraduate programs, 12 graduate programs, and 10 short-term programs.

Pines City Colleges

Established in 1969, this school currently holds the distinction of being the oldest nursing school in Baguio City. The school was previously known as Pines City Doctors’ Hospital School of Nursing and Pines City Educational Center.

Easter College

This school was established in 1906, making it one of the oldest schools in the Cordilleras. It was first known as Easter School.

Saint Louis University, Baguio City (S.L.U.)

SLU began in 1911 by the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae missionaries. Today, it joins the roster of top performing universities in the country and is one of the largest universities north of Manila.

Minor Institutes of Higher Learning

Other universities include the following:

  • Al-Maarif Educational Center
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • Asia Pacific Theological Seminary
  • Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Philippine Women’s University
  • Meridian Paramedical & Tech Institute
  • NIIT Baguio
  • Women’s Vocational Institute
  • San Pablo Major Seminary
  • Informatics Philippines Baguio Center
  • AMA Computer College
  • Baguio School of Business and Technology
  • Philippine Public Safety College
  • Remnant International College
  • BSBT College
  • Baguio College of Technology
  • STI College, Baguio
  • Data Center, Baguio