Reasons to Explore Wright Park

Do you feel quite adventurous? Dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City offers a lot of exciting activities. Aside from exploring the city’s pine trees, strawberry farms, cold...
Burnham Park Baguio City

Burnham Park, the Best-Loved Park in the City

One of my favorite places to visit here in Baguio City is the Burnham Park. I used to go there every weekend morning to do my cardio exercise. You can do...
Baguio City The Summer Capital of the Philippines

How Long Should You Stay in Baguio to Visit All Tourist Spots?

If you are planning to take a grand vacation in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, one question that will pop out is, ‘How long should I stay in Baguio?’ The...
The Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Green Parks: The Baguio Botanical Garden

Nature is one of the closest to me, even when I was a kid I love seeing greens, mountains and body of water. It’s always nice to see different colors that...
Baguio Public Market

Why Tour in Baguio Public Market

If this is your first time to visit the 'City of Pines', I tell you, you will find yourself at least twice in Baguio public market. First is when you arrive...
Popular Tourist Spots in Baguio City

Attractions to Visit in Baguio City

As the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City strives to live up to its name and offers travelers with a plethora of exciting places to visit. The city takes pride...

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