Adam11Adam’s Garden: Supplier and seller of pesticide, insecticide and manure-free, organic crops and vegetables that are totally healthy for the whole family!

Adam’s Garden is a 5,000 square meter piece of land located at Zephaniah Village, Irisan, Baguio City, strategically positioned between mountains with a majestic view of the West Philippine Sea with the sunset and its rainbow of colors as its backdrop during sundown.

Manned by two in-house farmers and the farm’s co-owner, a Japanese native, and a native of Cordillera who tend the farm daily with dedication, joy, and intense prayer – and sans the use of any manure, pesticide, or insecticide! – Adam’s Garden is evidently a labor of love that grows more and more abundantly every day with God’s grace.

Our main product is Adam’s special salad – a big bilao of handpicked organic lettuce lovingly tossed with shredded apples, carrots, cucumber, sugar beets, and turnips, generously sprinkled with almonds, sesame seeds and raisins.

Making it even more irresistible – each one comes with a delicious yogurt dressing. Yum! You can’t go wrong in wowing your loved ones with Adam’s Garden salad. Added pleasure: It’s totally organic, totally healthy!

Available in 4 sizes:
• Extra Large – good for 25 to 35 persons (PHP 1,499)
• Large – good for 20 to 25 persons (PHP 999)
• Medium – good for 10 to 20 persons (PHP 799)
• Small – good for 5 to 10 persons (PHP 499)

Adam’s Garden also sells individually packed, ready-to-eat salads sold at only PHP 60 each inclusive of a yummy yogurt dressing. You can find us at Good Shepherd every Monday to Saturday selling the healthy greens you love. Soon, you would also be able to find Adam’s Garden salads at the Tam-Awan Café in Tam-Awan Village.

Other goods sold by Adam’s Garden:

Chinese Kale
Cucumber (Japanese)
Culinary Herbs
Lemon Balm
Lettuce (all kinds)
Lettuce (Lollo Rosa)
Pechay Bulilit (Bokchoy)
Sugar Beets
Tomato (Cherry)

Business Address Lot 62 Block 1, Baguio City 2600

Contact Person : Keren Busaing

Contact# : 074-423-0494

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Operating Hours : 08:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Business Category : Health Care & Beauty