Casa Vallejo hillstation_restaurantIf you are looking for a hotel which offers a great view and an easy access to tourist destinations in Baguio City, then choose Casa Vellejo. The shopping district and the University of the Philippines is just a few minutes’ walk away from here.

The hotel has a day spa for those who are worn out and wanted to be pampered. It offers soothing massages and beauty therapies. There is also a sauna for those who want to sweat it out and detox.

If you want to wine and dine without hassle, Casa Vallejo has a restaurant and a bar. There is also a gift shop and bookstore within its premises.

Business Address : Upper Session Road,Luneta Hill, Baguio City, Philippines

Contact Person : Leila Ramos

Contact# : 0744243397

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Operating Hours : 24/7

Business Category : Travel & Accomodation