To ensure public safety, Baguio City Councilor Mylen Yaranon pushes for the passage of legislation that requires the use of helmets and safety reflectors when riding a bike or scooter.

Councilor Yaranon said that the use of bicycles became popular during the community quarantine period when mass transportation was banned.

She said that her bill is in line with the city government’s initiative to create a bike-friendly environment in Baguio City.

Bike safety

“As part of making the city a bike-friendly environment, it is vital that safety requirements must be imposed on bikers and electric scooter enthusiasts in order to protect their life and limb while on the road,” the councilor said.

The bill called Bike Safety Ordinance seeks to make the use of reflective vests with the installation of safety reflectors on the front and rear lights on bikes and electric scooters mandatory.

Furthermore, violators will be issued a citation ticket and will be asked to pay P150 to P500 and will need to render 240 hours of community service under the supervision of the barangay where the offender resides.

The proposed ordinance also tasks the Traffic Management Unit of the Baguio City Police Office with the implementation, once it becomes a city ordinance.

Bike safety

Bicycle Day

Earlier on, Councilor Yaranon has filed another proposed ordinance designating every Sunday as Bicycle Day.

The said bill aims to encourage and promote the use of bicycles, as an alternative mode of transportation while, at the same time, urges residents of Baguio City to use bicycles every Sunday.

It also provides for the establishment of bicycle facilities in the city such as bike lanes in all roads in the city; physical dividers identified through reflectorized painted lines; pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements, traffic signages in relation to bike-riding and bicycle parking facilities.

The Baguio City Council earlier passed a resolution declaring every 3rd day of June as a Bicycle Day, the first in the country to do so following a United Nations decrees on World Bikes Day.